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Sequoyah Elementary is a neighborhood school located in the heart of Russellville. It is comprised of approximately 585 students in pre-K through fourth grades. Students who attend Sequoyah live in the neighborhood, the greater Russellville area, as well as surrounding areas. We welcome and embrace diversity in our student population. Due to increased enrollment in recent years, two additions were added onto the building in 2015, which include a new fourth-grade wing, state-of-the-art art room, a self-contained classroom, a PT/OT room, and two preschool classrooms. Although the facility is large, Sequoyah has maintained its neighborhood school feel.

Staff at Sequoyah are committed to ensuring every learner realizes his or her potential and developing strong, positive relationships with students, their families, and the community. We possess an unwavering commitment to our students’ academic needs and successes, as well as fostering each child’s social and emotional development. Teachers work diligently to provide an enriched, rigorous curriculum employing hands-on and minds-on activities to fully engage our learners.

Sequoyah maintains a strong reputation for possessing high academic expectations and top test scores. As a result, we have received Reward and Recognition money from the Arkansas Department of Education three consecutive years. The money awarded has been spent on providing classrooms with materials, supplies, and technology which directly benefit our students.


Sequoyah is fortunate to have an active Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and wonderful community involvement. PTO members provide many resources, time, and talent to the school. Fundraising efforts result in many experiences and materials, which our students and staff appreciate and enjoy. These funds have supplemented field trips, purchased playground equipment and iPads, provided scholarships for students, and have supplemented classrooms with additional materials. One of the great programs supported by the PTO is the Sequoyah PTO Student Tutor Program where volunteers provide one-on-one academic tutoring and are positive role models for our students. The PTO’s largest fundraiser of the year is the Spring Fling, which includes games for students, great food, a silent auction, and fun for the whole family!


Literacy at Sequoyah begins with the Journeys curriculum as the foundation. This curriculum is taught through the structure of reading and writing workshops. Workshops begin with a mini-lesson about specific reading or writing skills. The lesson is short, very focused, and led by the teacher. There is an opportunity for students to try out the new skill together with the teacher’s guidance, after which the students will practice the skill independently. During the time the students are working independently, the teacher is monitoring their work and is working with small groups. Students are provided opportunities to read independently or with peers, respond to the books they’re reading, work on research projects, and discuss texts with the teacher and one another. Writing time allows students to apply a newly taught skill to their writing, edit and revise with peers, and practice being a writer, as well as individually conference with the teacher for specific feedback.

The Journeys curriculum gives teachers and students much exposure to and practice with technology, from electronic books, to literacy activities that build on new learnings, to web-based writing. Students today must be technologically savvy and Journeys helps with this! But teachers also know it is crucial that their students hold and read actual copies of books, too. Sequoyah Elementary has not only a large library for students to routinely browse and make book selections, but an extensive literacy library where teachers select sets of appropriate books for their students to read together. Students at Sequoyah are exposed to many pieces of quality literature daily.


Teachers at Sequoyah Elementary use the Eureka Math curriculum for instruction in mathematics, which carefully sequences the mathematical progressions into expertly crafted modules. With eight per grade, these rigorous modules include a series of lessons that build to a conceptual understanding developmentally appropriate for that grade. The lessons are based on the belief that students must not only know HOW to solve a math problem, but must understand WHY the solution worked. After the module is completed, students are assessed to check for understanding. As necessary, there is a period of re-teaching so that each student reaches mastery of the concepts before moving ahead. Each module builds on prior learnings and uses a spiraling method to keep all learning active in students’ thinking. Eureka Math connects math to the real world and equips students with the skills necessary for the application of these skills in authentic settings.

Eureka Math is fully aligned with and meets or exceeds all mathematical standards and practices. It provides educators with professional development and support materials. In addition, there are resources available for parents at https://greatminds.org/math/parents. These materials are free and easy to understand, although parents will need to set up an account to access them. The materials are by grade levels and provide parents with overviews to the modules, key terms used, and hints for how to help at home. Sequoyah Elementary encourages parents to take advantage of these materials, as well as the videos available for parents’ support.


Sequoyah has had the good fortune through district funds, Reward and Recognition money, and support from the PTO to provide students access to a range of technological resources. Students have an opportunity to work with the following varied devices:

  • All third and fourth grade classes are 1:1 with student laptops; with fourth grade classrooms utilizing Google Classroom extensively

  • Each K-4 classroom has six to eight iPadsare for student use in K-2nd grade rooms, as well

  • Our library houses six iMacs and six PCs, as well as a class set of iPads, which are shared by specialists

  • There are six 3-D printers in the STEAM room, which are utilized to extend science, math, and social studies concepts

  • The computer lab houses 26 desktops. Each kindergarten and first grade classroom attends the lab weekly for 30 minutes to learn beginning computer operating skills. Second, third, and fourth-graders go to computer lab twice weekly to learn keyboarding skills through the Typing Club program and to develop proficiency using multiple Google applications (docs, slides, sheets)

Laptops and tablets may be utilized in centers:

  • to support literacy and math skill development

  • to enhance lessons as eBooks

  • to create multimedia presentations

  • in conjunction with Project Lead The Way

These technology resources are used to incorporate computer science focused learning, including coding.